Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the most of your day.

Are seats in the grandstands reserved?

Yes – please sit in the seat allocated on your ticket.

Does my child need a ticket?

Grandstand Ticket: Children are not permitted to sit on a parent’s lap, and need their own seat ticket.

Allianz Fan Village General Access Ticket:

Are tickets available to purchase on-site?

No tickets will be available to purchase in person on race day.

Are there any restrictions on the time of access to the event?

Gates are open from 08:00 for access to the event. We recommend you are seated in your grandstand by 11:30am to catch the qualifying sessions and by 15:30pm to watch the race.

Is the venue accessible for people with limited mobility? Are there any dedicated tickets for people with disabilities?

There are accessibility tickets available with accessibility platforms located at B Grandstands on Helen Suzman Blvd, and at the A Grandstands on Vlei Rd, located on the shared fields (a.k.a. Hamilton’s Rugby Field).

Accessibility parking is allocated in P12 (car access off Main Road), with access to the event site via Entrance B.

Bridges 1 & 2 will have lifts suitable for wheelchair use. Access from Entrance B to the Vlei Road grandstands will be via bridge 1, and access to the Trackside hospitality lounge from Entrances A or B will be via bridge 2.

Accessibility toilets are available throughout the event site at all toilet locations, with additional permanent accessibility toilets available at:
– Allianz Fan Village – A-Track
– Allianz Fan Village – Shared Fields

Which gate should I enter the venue from?

Vlei Road Grandstand (Shared Fields): Gate D/ C
Vlei Road – Adaptive Access Grandstand: Park P12; Gate A/B
Grandstands adjacent to Green Point Hospitality Village: Gate B
Helen Suzman Blvd Grandstands: Gate B
Helen Suzman – Adaptive Access Grandstand Park P12; Gate A/B
Granger Bay Blvd Grandstands: Gate B
Granger Bay Blvd Grandstand: Adjacent to Allianz Fan Village – A-Track: Gate B
Granger Bay Blvd Grandstand: Trackside Lounge Access: Gate B
Beach Road Grandstand & Hospitality: Gate E
General Admission: Allianz Fan Village – A-Track : Gate B
General Admission: Allianz Fan Village – Shared Fields: Gate D/C

Is there parking available?

There is no parking available for ticket holders. There is accessibility parking available at P12 for persons with accessibility tickets.

Please use one of the following options to travel to the event:

Fan Walk: Park in the City Centre and take the Fan Walk to your entry gate.

Park & Ride with MyCiTi Bus: Take a MyCiTi bus from Cape Town Civic Centre from 7am. This is a free service for ticket holders.

Uber: Book your Uber drive via the Uber app. Uber will have a dedicated drop-off point near the Stadium, from where you can walk to your entry gate.

If you are a hospitality lounge ticket holder, please refer to the Guest Guide that was sent to you with travel and transport information relevant to you.

Do I need to go through a security check when entering the venue?

Yes, you will go through a security check at the venue. You will be asked to show your ticket and there will be a full bag search and pat search. Please visit the “prohibited items” page on the website.

Can the whole race be watched from the Allianz Fan Village?

There will be giant screens on both the Allianz Fan Village Shared Fields and A-Track Stages to follow the action on- and off-track. However, the best view of the race is certainly from your grandstand seat.

Should I expect additional costs for the entertainment activities on-site (Gaming Arena, Kids' Zone etc.)?

No, all entertainment and activities in the Allianz Fan Village are freely accessible with your ticket. Strong demand could cause waiting times. Food and drinks at the event will be available for purchase. The event will operate a cashless payment service where all major cards are accepted. Cash will not be accepted at any food & beverage concession.

What food and beverage options are available?

A wide range of food and beverage options will be available in the Allianz Fan Villages, bringing you the best from our local vendors.

Tuck into one of the many options available such as wraps, hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as ice cream, crepe, smoothies and freezo’s!

In the Allianz Fan Village – Shared Fields the concessions will include Woolworths, Vide E Café, Holy Macaroni, Hippo’s Diner, Bobalicious Bubble Tea and many more!

In the Allianz Fan Village – A Track the concessions will include Woolworths, For the Love of Coffee, Captain Corndog, Kauai and many more!

Can I charge my phone on site?

Yes, within the Formula E Recharge zones, located in the Allianz Fan Villages.

Is there a cash machine on site?

No. All payments for food and beverage will be accepted via debit, credit or contactless payment only and any Fan Store purchases will require debit, credit or cash.

What items can’t be taken to the event?

You cannot bring your own food or beverages to the event. A wide variety of food and beverage options will be on offer throughout the Allianz Fan Villages. Visit the “prohibited items” page on the website.